Sunday, April 22, 2012


I am in love with the recipes that I made this week from Jillian Michael's book Making the Cut.  This week I made her Barbecued Chicken and Black beans (brown red onions and garlic, add chunks of chicken and cook, add a can of black beans and bbq sauce and heat through) and put it over lettuce. I made an Artichoke Hearts and tomato salad (halve cherry tomatoes and kalamata olives, add artichoke hearts.  Make a vinagrette using the artichoke marinade, vinegar, and dijon mustard) and added quinoa and some feta cheese.  I ate the leftovers the next day over a big bowl of lettuce.  I also made her Asparagus and Walnut salad (steam and chop up 1 pound of asparagus, make a dijon mustard vinagrette with minced red onion, put on greens, add chopped walnuts).  It was fun to try new recipes and get some new flavors in my mouth.  I ate way more meat this week and felt extremely satisfied.  Prepping my vegetables for the week is a good strategy for me.  I use them throughout the week for my lunches and quick dinners.  I use my grill pan to grill eggplant and zucchini.  I roast cauliflower with paprika.  I steam brussel sprouts and broccoli.  My spray olive oil and kosher salt are my favorite tools of flavor.  I also like to prep quinoa and brown rice.  Adding quinoa to my breakfast has been a delicious addition to my usual eggs.  Try these tips and I know that you will love them.  I don't count the calories of vegetables unless I add calories to them (like oil).  This helps me feel like I get a lot more food.  Here's to another successful week!

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  1. That all sounds so delicious and so healthy! I hope you are still keeping it up :)
    Thank you for following my blog, all the best in the new year! I will be posting more DIY projects, daily inspirations, knitting projects and tuturials and more.